I LOVE skincare. I’ve always wanted to be an esthetician but instead was a TV Anchor. That makes sense, right?!

It kinda does, though. Being on TV every day forced me to focus on my skin. I am a BIG believer in skincare routines and the importance of making sure you consistently take care of your skin – or, it will show if you don’t!

#MaskingWithMimi is fun weekly segment featuring my bestie and babysitter, Mimi. She’s 16. I’m 33. She’s got normal to oily skin. I’ve got normal to dry. We review skincare and beauty products while giving you HOW TO info to up your skincare routine & become a #SkinBabe.  Being a #SkinBabe doesn't mean you have perfect skin. A #SkinBabe is someone who takes a moment to take care of themselves (at least 1x a week!) by masking and focusing on your skin & body. Spending 30 minutes masking a week will not only give your skin that boost it needs but YOU will also feel more confident & refreshed! My goal here is to share confidence, gain confidence & inspire confidence through out little online community.  Everyone can become a #SkinBabe – it just takes some effort!

>> WATCH EACH WEEK'S #MASKINGWITHMIMI EPISODE to see us review a mask & skincare product… and, of course, we talk about all the other random topics that come into our head because having your sons’ babysitter as your best friend means anything goes! <<