Lose the Baby Weight: Down 50 Pounds!

This photo shows a very special memory - Andrew & Colin met Baby Matthew. The twins couldn't walk so it was a little bit of a safety hazard with them climbing all over the hospital bed, but it was a beautiful moment!

Since this day, I've lost 50 pounds! It took me about 10 months to lose the weight after Matthew arrived in January 2017. Granted, I'm flabby as hell and the stretch marks on my stomach look like an Atlas road map - but, I got rid of it!  Numbers don't lie: I gained 65lbs for the twins. Lost 45. Found out Matthew was on the way & said $&!% and didn't do a thing to lose the rest. Gained another 30lbs on top of that for him ... that's 95lbs individual pounds piled on my body in a short period of time.

I took it off by focusing on ME, WHEN I COULD: you can't out-work a bad diet and I had no time to workout until several months after Matthew was born and everything got more manageable. I aim for 2x a week, if I'm lucky. And, always at my house. It's unrealistic for me to leave. 30 minutes is the goal, nothing fancy. I also stopped eating Goldfish and food on the kids' plates and started watching my portions overall.


I'm sharing this because I'm proud AND because it could be helpful for other women post-babies. I didn't THINK about weight loss until I was done nursing (4 months postpartum). I started shedding the baby weight once I made lifestyle changes: I didn't want to lose the weight to then gain it back. I am healthy and enjoying life, eating & drinking what I want on weekends. I also did a program I'd never done before to lose the last 20lbs: 21 Day Fix by BeachBody with my neighbor & fellow twin mom Shannon. 21 Day Fix was an incredible program to retrain my mind on how to eat healthier and remind me why sweating a few times a week is good for the soul!

Now, I want to be stronger. I feel so much better with my body back! 


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Down 50lbs after #SoManyBabies! 

Down 50lbs after #SoManyBabies! 

Nicole Pence