Nicole In Your Neighborhood: Gymboree Play & Music

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Andrew & Colin LOVE the variety of classes at Gymboree Carmel.

Andrew & Colin LOVE the variety of classes at Gymboree Carmel.

Carmel, Indiana - Gymboree Play & Music is a great spot for your kids to explore, learn and play! We started going to Gymboree Carmel when the twins were 6 months old. I wanted to see Andrew and Colin interact with other children and listen & learn from other adults. The boys love to run, jump and climb during Gymboree Play classes. I love that the boys learn to share with others and think logically during our classes with Ms. Kiki, Ms. Sara and Ms. Eileen. With three young sons, I am constantly looking for fun, educational activities to entertain all of them at the same time.

My favorite part about Gymboree is the lack of “rules” for the kiddos. While each class has a lesson facilitated by a teacher (up vs. down, in vs. out, stop vs. go, etc.) the kiddos can still explore and play and no one considers that to be a problem! If you’re a #boymom like me, you know that running the boys and helping them get all that energy out is super important, for everyone! I love that they are working on listening skills, fine motor skills and kindness (with new friends) every single class, too!

Andrew, Colin and Matthew look up at the parachute at the end of Gymboree class. They are worn out from playing with friends!

Andrew, Colin and Matthew look up at the parachute at the end of Gymboree class. They are worn out from playing with friends!

Gymboree Play & Music is an international franchise that is specially designed to help young children learn and develop as they play. Gymboree Play & Music welcomes children ages 0-5. Today, there are over 700 locations in 40+ countries - FIND YOUR LOCATION HERE. Gymboree Play & Music offers a variety of classes, including play, music and art. I love that you can search their website directly by age. Classes are organized by levels (ie, 6-10M vs 22-28M) so children can play and learn with others in their age group. This allows their teachers to help them develop age-appropriate skills and concepts. I do, however, sometimes bring Matthew with me to the twins’ classes. The instructors understand the need to bring siblings along, and our #PorkChopTeddyBear fits right in!

I also value the Mommy + Me time Gymboree promotes. Children must be accompanied by an adult. If you’re a twin mama like me, you can do the class by yourself once they are stable walkers. I tried to take the twins by myself around 16 months and it was a little crazy. I suggest bringing along a family member, babysitter, nanny or neighbor to help them move up and down on the equipment. And, speaking of the equipment, the teachers change the setup at Gymboree every week to coordinate with the lesson or theme being taught. The boys always notice when a bridge is moved or a new tunnel is out - they love the variety! The floors are matted for crawling babies and jumping toddlers. It’s a fun, safe play environment. There is a new School Skills class (3-5 years) that is focused on building confidence and curiosity for kids. This drop-off class includes both independent and group learning activities that require cooperation and self-awareness while encouraging communication with peers. I haven’t done this class yet, but I want to take the boys.

At the end of class, the kiddos get to see Gymbo - aka Gymboree’s beloved clown. The boys LOVE the bubbles, parachute and Gymbo dance at the end of every class. We also attend the holiday-themed events at Gymboree. During Christmas time, Santa comes to visit! The kiddos get to run around and then sit on the Big Guy’s lap. There’s even an area to create a holiday craft. The owners Mike & Wendy are passionate about creating a fun experience for all families.

Visiting Santa at Gymboree Carmel’s Holiday Event!

Visiting Santa at Gymboree Carmel’s Holiday Event!

Know Before You Go: Gymboree Play & Music

  • Gymboree Play & Music welcomes children ages 0-5 to be accompanied by an adult.

  • Play, Music & Art classes and grouped based on a child’s age.

  • School Skills (3-5 years) is a drop-off class that includes both independent and group learning activities.

  • It's $65 per month for one class per week. Sibling discounts offered. $50 registration fee per family.

  • Gymboree hosts private, personalized party experiences with kid friendly activities and food.

  • Open Gym is included in your Gymboree membership and offered nearly everyday.

One of my favorite parts about Gymboree are the OPEN GYMS - I’m not sure how Mamas survive Indiana winters without a safe, family-friendly space to let the kiddos get rid of all that energy! Gymboree Carmel offers Open Gym nearly every day, including the weekends. You can stay as long as you want and the kiddos get to play on the equipment and toys. Open Gym is included in your monthly Gymboree membership.


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Visit Gymboree Carmel’s Website, Facebook and Instagram pages for more information. See you at Gymboree, people!