#SKINBABE: Brooke Magdzinski

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski, Owner at Dottie Couture Boutique

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski, Owner at Dottie Couture Boutique

Each #SkinBabe will help us share confidence, gain confidence & inspire confidence!
Our next  #SkinBabe is a business owner, momma and all-around great woman, Brooke Magdzinski! I met Brooke while working at FOX59 in Indianapolis covering events for Make-A-Wish. Brooke's daughter Taylor was a Wish Kid. I instantly feel in love with Taylor when I met her through my involvement with the non-profit. Taylor's smile is contagious and her story, like many Wish Kids, is heartbreaking.  At 4, Taylor was diagnosed with a rare form of Sarcoma. Make-A-Wish helped Taylor and her family escape for a bit by sending them to Disney World.

I'm thrilled to report that Taylor's been cancer-free for several years. Brooke just took the kids on a trip to celebrate Taylor's remission - a true miracle! 

Brooke is one of those people I met and instantly respected. Following her on social media has just amplified that! Brooke is an incredibly successful businesswoman, who started Dottie Couture clothing boutique. Their social media following is INSANE. Brooke is a momma to 3 babies and recently is a foster momma to a little boy, WOW! She's a compassionate person, and yet she still finds time to take care of herself. BUT, that wasn't always the case - she explains that below in her answers! 

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski shares her favorite products with us and believes there's a BIG correlation between gut health and pretty skin.  And, it clearly works for her (stunning lady!) and can work for YOU too, #SkinBabe!

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#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski always travels with her skincare essentials!

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski always travels with her skincare essentials!

#SkinBabe, be sure to read all of Brooke's skincare knowledge as she shares detailed skincare tips & tricks, favorite products & CONFIDENCE!


What Does #SkinBabe mean to You?

Oh wow, I'm still letting this term soak in! :) Being called a #SkinBabe by you ... what an honor! Viewing MYSELF as a #SkinBabe?! ... what a transformation. For decades, I have been my own worst critic, but over the last year or so have I tried to switched gears and treat myself the way I do my best friends. That started with taking care of myself and nourishing my body rather than constantly battling it. This change on the inside lead to a change on the outside. Being a #SkinBabe is a reflection of my health from the inside out. We are SO beyond the generation of keeping beauty secrets a SECRET, and I love the idea of sharing what works for other #SkinBabes. I'm excited to be a part of this community!

Why Do You Like Skincare, #SkinBabe?

Following a really good skincare regimen makes me feel like I am doing something really proactive for myself. Healthy skin makes me feel confident. 

What's Your Biggest MUST DO for Your Skin, #SkinBabe?

I think it's so important to have clean, hydrated, and PROTECTED skin. As a melanoma survivor (yikes, that was so scary), I am ALL about sunscreen and limited sun exposure.

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski Shares Her Favorite Products!

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski Shares Her Favorite Products!

What's Your Current Face Routine, #SkinBabe?

I am LOVING Tula products at the moment, and they make up the bulk of my routine. Probiotics are the foundation of all their products, and I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin tone. I am obsessed with the healing properties Ambre Blends skin tonic! I literally want to dump it all over my whole life, ha! It's great for cell regeneration, and leaves you with the prettiest glow. Something NEW I am trying is products from The Beauty Chef. These are all products you ingest, and I truly believe that there is a BIG correlation between gut health and pretty skin.

Wash AM/PM –  I wash my face with Tula clarifying cleanser.

Serum AM/PM - Next, I use the Tula volume deep defense wrinkle serum.

Hydration AM/PM - I spread two-three pumps of Ambre Blends skin tonic on my face & neck.

Moisturizer AM/PM - I moisturize with Tula hydrating day & night cream. 

Eye Cream AM/PM - I finish with the Tula multi spectrum eye renewal serum. 

Sunscreen AM - I protect my skin with the IT CC Cream! You can add your regular makeup over it, or it has enough coverage for the "no-makeup makeup look."

Before lunch, I add a packet of The Beauty Chef's GLOW to a Venti ice water from Starbs, and this gives me some serious pep in my step and it's SO good for you! After lunch, I take a Tula probiotic to help with gut health. There is NO yucky after taste or upset tummy. I add the Beauty Chef hydration or collagen serums to another giant water, or just take them like a little healthy shot, ha! They taste really good!

I've linked all Brooke's products here! 

I repeat the first 5 steps at night time before bed. I mask occasionally too, and am thinking about adding a retinol to the process as well. 

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski believes there's a BIG correlation between gut health and pretty skin.

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski believes there's a BIG correlation between gut health and pretty skin.

What's a Product You Can't Live Without, #SkinBabe?

That's a hard one! I like to splurge on the Peter Thomas Roth eye patches (featured on #MaskingWithMimi) They work wonders! I save on my body wash, the Dove shower foam is my fave and under $6!

Who's Your Favorite #SkinBabe?

I'm new to the #SkinBabe game, and it's SO hard to get inspired by magazines and social media because photos can be altered, so I pick my Mom! She is a natural beauty with gorgeous olive skin. She always encouraged my sister and I to wear minimal makeup and take care of our skin from a young age.



Thanks #SkinBabe, Brooke Magdzinski! 💋


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It's Skincare then Make-Up!

"I really like the no make-up look, so I just packed the essentials for vacation! My favorites are the It CC Cream, Bobby Brown bronzer, Nars under eye concealer, MAC blush and Urban Decay eye shadow. I love Ambre Oils & Jo Malone perfumes. I like to use a variety of brands and am constantly switching it up!"

#SkinBabe Brooke Magdzinski shares a photo of her travel makeup bag.