#SKINBABE: Jenny Anchondo

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo, The Morning Dose

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo, The Morning Dose

Each #SkinBabe will help us share confidence, gain confidence and inspire confidence!

Jenny Anchondo is as gorgeous inside as she is outside! Jenny is a friend, fellow momma and journalist. Jenny worked at FOX59 Indianapolis before I joined the station. Like #SkinBabe Eva Pilgrim, Jenny's reputation proceeded her, and I knew I'd love to be friends with such a confident, caring and FUN person! Alas, I'm starting to realize I randomly contact people and ask them to be my friend <!!!> I apologize to all of you whom I've forced into friendships! LOL

Back to #SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo ... 

Jenny is a one of those people who's hard to define (which I love!). Jenny is girly yet a hippie-tomboy at times (she delivered her daughter Brighton naturally!). Jenny will post a full-makeup, lashes and extension-look followed an hour later by a no make-up selfie. Jenny is a certified fitness instructor and still loves time at the spa. Jenny KNOWS how to use both skincare and make-up products to make her face POP, both on-and-off camera.

and, speaking of on-camera ...

#BREAKING NEWS: Jenny starts a NEW JOB on TV tomorrow hosting alongside the team at Morning Dose. The nationally syndicated program airs in Dallas 5-8 a.m. on KDAF, in Houston 5-8 a.m. on KIAH, in Miami 6-8 a.m. on WSFL, in DC 6-8 a.m. on WDCW, in Philadelphia 6-8 a.m. on WPHL, in Portland at 7 a.m. on KRCW and in Quad Cities, Illinois at 5 a.m. on WQAD. Look for Jenny on YOUR TV, #SkinBabe!

In this week's feature, #SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo is not afraid to share her struggle with acne AND how she had to deal with it on TV, people. As a true #SkinBabe, Jenny knows that the number one way to healthier, brighter skin is to CONSISTENTLY take care of it! When she's on vacation, for example, she always opts for the facial rather than the massage at the spa. Jenny wants to make sure her skin stays hydrated, and she says she likes to chat with the esthetician about techniques that may be different than her current skincare routine.

Jenny shares her "skincare light routine" with us since she is still nursing her daughter.  Jenny walks us through her step-by-step routines for both day and night. Even if you're not trying to get camera ready each day, there's a key takeaway here: EXPENSIVE DOESN'T ALWAYS MEAN BETTER. 

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo shares her favorite products with us and LOTS of confidence! She's also a firm believer in the need for sunscreen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  The sun is NOT our friend, people!  Jenny's youthful skin demonstrates that's important for her and YOU too, #SkinBabe!

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo shares some of her favorite products!

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo shares some of her favorite products!

#SkinBabe, be sure to read all of Jenny's skincare knowledge as she shares detailed skincare tips & tricks, favorite products & CONFIDENCE!


What Does #SkinBabe mean to You?

#SkinBabe is feeling good in the SKIN YOU’RE IN! Confidence is the ultimate “babe” quality. When you’re able to find your confidence, you can truly radiate. 

Why Do You Like Skincare, #SkinBabe?

I was very prone to breakouts growing up. So, my mom taught me about skincare, introduced me to her Oil of Olay products and even took me to a dermatologist when my skin really broke out. She was also the queen of DIY, so we experimented with homemade masks. 

However, as soon as I began a career in TV news and started wearing makeup, I broke out like crazy. A doctor put me on Accutane, which was awful. My face and lips would peel in such an intense way, the photographer shooting my live shots would have to zoom out, so my chunks of flaking skin would not be the focal point.  The acne was embarrassing but the flaking and redness on camera might have been even worse. People would often stop me to tell me I had “something on my face”. Ultimately, it improved my acne but I always wonder if there would have been a better and more natural way to go about it. 

I explain all of this to say — I really acknowledge the fact that skin issues can really affect your confidence and when you find a good routine, it is worth sharing! 

Furthermore, skin is the largest organ in your body! We have to take care of it. The important aspects of skincare range from checking for moles and cancers to just feeling good about the fresh face of skin you’re presenting to the world! 

What's Your Biggest MUST DO for Your Skin, #SkinBabe?

I have two “MUST DO” items when it comes to skin. (Sorry, I’m also an envelope pusher. Gotta have two, I can’t pick one!) First — washing my face before bed. No matter how exhausted I am, I wash my face or — at minimum — use a makeup remover wipe. Second — sunscreen! I wear sunscreen 365 days a year even if it is cloudy out and the middle of winter. The sun still impacts us on those days. It is a skin cancer issue AND a wrinkle issue! I’m not trying to get either. Every time I get a facial or see an esthetician, I ask what I can to to keep my skin from aging and they ALWAYS say — wear sunscreen! 

The more I get into skincare, the more I realize that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. It is just a matter of trying products and techniques and seeing what works for you. I’m also a big advocate of reading reviews before buying AND researching the ingredients. 

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo's makeup-free selfie. Gorgeous!

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo's makeup-free selfie. Gorgeous!

What's Your Current Face Routine, #SkinBabe?

My face routine is constantly evolving as I do more research, try new products and experiment. Also, the current routine doesn’t include any of the more intense products I used to use (like retinols) because I was pregnant and now I’m breastfeeding. So, this is like my “skincare routine light” but I still really enjoy it and it greatly improved my skin postpartum. 

AM Routine

  • I rinse my face but don’t use a “wash”. 
  • Then, I apply a toner, currently Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner
  • A hydrating spray, currently Natura Bisse Diamond Mist
  • A vitamin C serum, currently Image Vital C Serum
  • An eye cream, currently Skinbetter Science InterFuse eye cream
  • Hydration, currently Emyryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate, Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme OR Neutrogena oil free moisture
  • Sunscreen, currently Cotz Natural-tinted SPF 40

PM Routine

  • I wash my face with Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Face Cleanser. I’ve tried SO many expensive brands but this is what truly removes my makeup. If I have a ton of makeup on, sometimes I used a makeup remover wipe first.
  • Then, I use a toner or the mist and I let it dry completely.
  • Then, I use jojoba oil, which seems counterintuitive since I have somewhat oily skin but it just makes my skin so soft and hydrated! Currently, I love Trader Joe’s Spa Jojoba Oil. If you don’t use oils on your face, try it. They’re inexpensive, natural and so healing.
  • Once it soaks into my skin, I use a Tan Towel to my face. But only once or twice a week. Since I use so much sunscreen on my face and neck, they’re VERY pale compared to the rest of my body. 


#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo wearing the Aveeno positively radiant 60 second in-shower facial!

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo wearing the Aveeno positively radiant 60 second in-shower facial!

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo's product "graveyard!"&nbsp;

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo's product "graveyard!" 

What's a Product You Can't Live Without, #SkinBabe?

Can’t live without: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Face Cleanser. It is just awesome and really removes makeup. I also REALLY love the Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil. It moisturizes so well. (These are both really inexpensive.) Oh AND I love Neutrogena’s oil free makeup remover. It is the best makeup remover I’ve tried and I’ve been using it for years. 

SAVE: Aveeno positively radiant 60 second in-shower facial. A friend brought me this right after I had my daughter and was having an insane breakout. I didn’t have time (or energy) to go get a professional facial and this was a life saver! It was one of the little things that made me start to feel like myself again after having a baby. It is a great exfoliating facial that works in one minute! 

Another good “save” is to go to a beauty school or training center for facials. When the budget is tight, this is a great way to get quality skincare. Or, I’ll do an at-home hydrating mask of an egg, 1 tsp of honey and the juice of one lemon (as seen on #MaskingWithMimi!) 

SPLURGE: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel. My skin just looks brighter when I keep up with these. I buy it maybe once a year. 

Who's Your Favorite #SkinBabe?

Anyone who is willing to post a makeup-free selfie. I love going all-out glam but it is so important to show what actual people really look like. Freckles, wrinkles, blemishes, spots, etc. It shouldn’t be a “big deal” to go out or take pics sans makeup. It is all good! 


Thanks #SkinBabe, Jenny Anchondo! 💋


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It's Skincare then Make-Up!

I use everything from high end to drugstore brands and everything in between. I even regularly rock a lipstick that I bought at 7-Eleven. No shame in my makeup game. If it works, it works. In this picture, you’ll notice products from It Cosmetics, (created by my friend and former news anchor Jamie Kern Lima), Exuviance (which makes my all-time go-to concealer) and Colour Basis and Perfect Poutz, which are both Dallas/Fort Worth-based cosmetics lines. 

#SkinBabe Jenny Anchondo shares a look inside her TV make-up bag!